Sarah’s Butcher Block Kitchen Table

Sarah’s Butcher Block Kitchen Table
Check out my client’s sweet custom kitchen island project!

Sarah commissioned Ryan Sparrell of Woodscapes to construct the butcher block island, but was looking for vintage style industrial casters to go on it. She needed them to not damage the flooring and stay in place when needed.

We offered up a caster with an iron spoked wheel with rubber tread to be kind to the flooring and a brake to lock it in place.

Check out the end result!….so cool! Ryan did a great job designing and crafting the piece. Love its rustic aged finish! Am humbled to have our casters on this wonderful piece.

Sarah writes "We absolutely LOVE our table and have so many people admire the craftsmanship and details! Thank you Hylton."

Let me know if I can help find your ideal elements for your project. You can find all my factory cart casters here on my website.

Vintage Industrial Casters with Brake from


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