José's Lineberry Cart Coffee Table

 José's Lineberry Cart Coffee Table

Wow! One of the coolest handcrafted factory cart coffee tables I’ve seen!

José of Cádiz, Spain wanted to create a Lineberry cart coffee table, so he contacted Iron Anarchy for the old iron axle brackets and corner stake hardware to accent it. 

Check out his ultra-cool masterpiece! So cool! I love the antique iron wagon maker’s plaque. Am honored to have my antique industrial hardware incorporated into it. Sweet!

José wrote, “The pieces are simply magnificent. Thank you very much for everything.” 

Thanks for sharing, José. Looking forward to stopping by for a glass of fino!

Let me know if I can help find your ideal elements for your coffee table project. You can find all my factory cart casters here on my website.

Lineberry Cart Corner Stake Hardware from
Lineberry Cart Axle Brackets from


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