Lineberry Factory Cart Coffee Table Caster Wheels

Lineberry Factory Cart Coffee Table Caster Wheels
Load 'em up! Need the authentic swivel casters for your Lineberry factory cart coffee table? Check these out!

Just acquired a stash of antique industrial factory cart swivel casters. These are the real deal- a whopping 13" tall overall and made of extra thick cast iron.

Also just acquired the large wheels salvaged from antique factory carts in South Carolina, so be sure to check out my antique and vintage industrial caster page on my Iron Anarchy website for all my offerings. I have an extensive inventory- the largest collection of antique and vintage casters you'll find anywhere! Contact me for your dream set! Iron Anarchy is an antique and vintage industrial decor studio located in Temecula, California serving the design industry and consumer market. Please contact me for your decor needs.

Lineberry Factory Cart Hardware- Wheels, Casters, & Corner Brackets


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