Doris’ Industrial Gear Sculpture Decor

Antique Industrial Gear Sculpture Decor
My favorite client and newest friend, Doris was doing a small interior decor change to her living room when she purchased 3 antique iron gear sculptures from Iron Anarchy to accompany her new industrial style table lamp. She was kind enough to send photos to show how everything came together. I think the display turned out great....enough variance that it doesn't look matchy-matchy, but enough alike that they tie in with each other. Great job, Doris! Thanks for sharing.

Antique Industrial Gear Sculpture

At 72, Doris recently retired from working at her daughter’s Laguna Beach art gallery, and obviously has a great eye for design and an incredibly fresh perspective on interior design, not to mention a great attitude! I thoroughly enjoyed our online chats and look forward to meeting her one day.


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