DIY Lineberry Factory Cart Coffee Table

Wow! Get inspired by this fabulous Lineberry factory cart coffee table creation!….all the way in Ukraine! 

Kiev interior designer Iryna Volkova contacted Iron Anarchy for the antique iron hardware to create a replica of the iconic Lineberry cart for a client’s home. I sought out the wheels, axle brackets, end casters and corner stake brackets.

Iryna’s team constructed the cart of lumber salvaged from a 100-year-old mill 300 miles outside Kiev and fabricated the iron nail accents.

Amazing work, Iryna! It was wonderful working with you. Looking forward to next time! Thanks for sharing your project.

Iryna and her Lineberry factory cart replica coffee table.

Lineberry cart hardware shipment for Kiev.
Iryna's team receives shipment in Kiev.

Detail of Iryna’s Lineberry factory cart coffee table.


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