Aged Industrial Table Casters

Aged Industrial Table Casters
Am super excited about the way these casters turned out!

An Illinois interior designer client contacted me for a set of vintage industrial casters for a table project. He needed them to fit a narrow table leg, have a brake, and a rubber tread to be kind to the client's flooring.

Unable to find a vintage caster that fit all his needs, I suggested a new caster in a vintage style. He loved the look, but not the bright and shiny finish. I distressed them with a wire wheel, subjected the metal to an acid bath, oxidized them, applied an antique effect to the nooks and crannies, and then a final black overspray effect to match the look of the table.....creating a very aged patina, but with the performance and features of a new caster to perfectly fit the client's needs.

Contact me to create your ideal table casters, or check out my stock of antique and vintage ones.


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