Vintage Industrial Casters For A Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic Coffee Table with Vintage Industrial Casters

Josh's Vintage Industrial Factory Cart Casters
Josh's Vintage Industrial Factory Cart Casters
Am blown away by the creation of a recent shopper. Check out this ultra-cool coffee table!

Josh in Los Angeles contacted Iron Anarchy a few weeks ago looking for a set of industrial casters for his vision of a rustic coffee table made from chunky pieces of reclaimed timber. He wanted something with a sizable presence to complement the grand scale of the lumber, as well as heavy duty enough to support the weighty piece.

He was patient while I sourced him a vintage set and scoured off a decades-thick layer of factory grime. Raising the piece 5", they have 4" diameter iron wheels with circular cutouts and flange spokes.

I love Josh's instinct to use salvaged factory cart casters to support his reclaimed lumber table...both elements combining to give new life to the other in a dynamic reimagined composition for today's aesthetic!

Josh writes "Thanks man. Table looks killer. I couldn't have done it without your help. The casters are so SMOOTH!!"

Amazing piece, Josh! Great work. Thanks for sharing!

Feel free to contact me for your ideal casters for your DIY coffee table project. Would love to help. Or check out my website for current offerings of antique and vintage industrial casters!


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