Antique Industrial Gear Wall Sculpture

Industrial Gear Wall Sculpture *Select*

Today I received final approval on a pair of layouts I created for an architect client in Philadelphia. See main photo.

Was contacted last week by DAS Architects for an installation of antique gears and wheels in a pair of 7’ wall niches for the activity room in a new development. They sent me the niche dimensions, wall covering samples and gave me direction as to what they were looking for, so I developed a series of layouts for them within their budget. The chosen sculptures feature items from my online shop- a massive antique saw mill blade (cut in half), as well as antique and vintage iron wheels and gears. A length of old, square-link industrial chain provides a vertical accent in each piece.

Now with the design chosen, we’re moving forward with preparing the elements for mounting, then shipping them to Philadelphia for installation. So exciting!
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Wall Niche Industrial Gear Sculpture Elevation

Wall Niche Industrial Gear Sculpture


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